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Fear. Anxiety. Panic.

These are the normal core emotions that you will feel when you have been arrested. What will happen to my family? Will I lose my job? How will I pay my bills? Your mind can’t stop picturing the worst. For over 25 years, I have helped Texans who have been accused of either state or federal offenses alleviate these core emotions with the goal of returning you to your life before you were charged with an offense.


In matters of criminal defense, it is crucial for me to take the time to thoroughly prepare for each case. The key to winning trials is to be more prepared than the prosecutor. I spend quality time gathering up all of the evidence, meeting with the witnesses and filing legal motions in order to win.


Federal Offenses

My experience in Federal District Court includes white-collar crime (wire fraud, mortgage fraud, insurance fraud…) and healthcare offenses in which extensive documentation is used against the defendant. It is typical to receive many terabytes  of evidence which takes pain staking vigilance to review and use effectively in your defense. Unlike state court offenses, federal court judges have wide discretion when it comes to punishment so you must be able to demonstrate an alternative version of the facts using these same documents.
Recently, in the largest synthetic cannabinoids (K2 / Spice) trial in the nation, my client was the sole defendant to walk away with a misdemeanor when originally charged with a felony.

State Offenses

In state court, experience matters.  In fact, based on my prior experience, I have even been  appointed as a Special Prosecutor in Dallas County, Texas on a murder retrial. I work to obtain the best results possible. Sometimes, that means obtaining the best plea bargain offer to keep charges off of my client’s record. Other times it means a full on trial utilizing the latest technology to enforce your visual story.

For over 25 years, I have helped defendants charged with almost every known offense including murder, sexual assault (adults and children), robbery, family violence, animal cruelty, possession and/or intent to manufacture or distribute controlled substances, and many, many more.

Exercise Your Right to Remain Silent.

Many defendants make the mistake of speaking to the police instead of getting an attorney involved from the very beginning. It just makes sense to keep your mouth shut and say nothing because they are looking for any excuse to charge you, and you may be giving them all the details that will be used against you in court. Same goes for agreeing to take any field sobriety tests. My advice is to simply (and politely) tell the officer that you refuse to take any such tests. Then, the results cannot be used against you in your trial.

The Reality of The Criminal Justice System

I utilize the multi-modal approach to the criminal justice system (and recognize its importance). There is systematic disenfranchisement at place within our justice system for marginalized communities in America. I will work with you to understand the ways in which the system could be working against you and how we can best overcome it. I have resources available to help you understand your rights. When possible, I utilize tenants of restorative justice as well as the philosophy espoused in “The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Color Blindness” by Michelle Alexander.

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