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Don’t Sign Anything Without Having an Entertainment Law Attorney Review it First!

Nothing can kill your career or business faster than signing a contract that you don’t fully understand, and let me tell you, 99 percent of people don’t fully understand what they are signing. How could you? These contracts are full of legal language drafted against your interests! The actual language is written that way on purpose so that you won’t question what it means – until it is too late for you to do anything about it.


I’m not just a hired suit, but rather I am your advocate. I strive to make sure that every client fully understands every aspect of the contracts they are entering into so that there are no surprises down the road.


Signing as an Artist

For example, as an artist, once you have some “product” you need to establish who owns the rights to the copyrights (usually the person who writes the lyrics and whoever writes the beats/music) and who owns the rights to the publishing interests. These are two completely separate categories and until you know the difference between the two, you are subject to getting ripped off by signing away these rights in a contract.

Although you will make some serious money as the copyright holder if your song gets serious radio play, the real money is made by the publishing interests. So, if you go and sign away these publishing interests in a contract that you did not understand, you just gave away the golden goose!

"Wait," you say. "I'm a Producer, so I Know that I'm Protected (unlike the Artist)."

Wrong! Just wait until you are handed an Exclusive Producer Agreement and you will see the same tricks are employed to rob you of these and many other valuable rights.

What if you are a Small Record Label?

Surely, the business attorney who organized your company (if that even happened) can handle this, right? Wrong. Entertainment Law has its own lingo, its own case law and is pretty much a foreign language if you don’t know it. As a label, you should strive for a deal that at the very least gives your company recognition so that you can build your brand.

Also, you have to know the industry numbers to figure out if you are even being offered a deal that will ever make you any money. Do you think that a huge, multi-national corporation will not try to take advantage of your position? Think David and Goliath here; you are toast if you sign the contract without having an Entertainment Attorney review it first.

Don't Blow It!

There are simply too many issues in the various contracts that are given out to you to discuss here. Every contract has a number of provisions, the sole purpose of which is to take away your money and give it to the person who just handed you the contract to sign. You simply should have an Entertainment Attorney at this point if you don’t want to fail. Do you want to fail? Then take action.

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