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Attorney Bruce Kaye’s claim to fame was being selected to work as a law clerk to the legendary trial attorney Joe Jamail (Penzoil v. Texaco, Top 10 Trial Attorney in USA). Prior to law school, Bruce played the keyboards professionally all over Houston. Some key parties included President Bill Clinton, former Houston Mayors Bob Lanier and Annise Parker, Embassador Arthur Schechter, and many different judges’ campaigns (both criminal and civil).

Upon graduation from law school in Houston, Texas in 1992, Bruce opened up his own practice concentrating primarily on Criminal Law (trial and appeals for Federal and State courts), Entertainment Law and Non-Subscriber Work Place Injuries.

Not satisfied to “study” law in a soulless environment provided by a large law firm, Bruce began trying serious felony cases right out of school and has never looked back. “I’m one of those people who learns best by experience,” admits Kaye.

With Houston being a center for hip hop music, it was a natural evolution for Bruce to represent artists, managers, producers and small record labels in Entertainment issues.

Finally, the decision to represent those individuals who have suffered terrible injuries due to non-subscriber workplace injuries stems back to the basic concepts of social justice or what is morally right and wrong. “The way employers treat their injured workers is just wrong,” says Kaye, “and I’ve made it my mission to set things right.”

One of the best things about retaining Mr. Kaye as your attorney is the fact that your calls will be personally returned by him. Mr. Kaye also utilizes email, texting, and Facebook. This one-on-one contact provides for representation with the utmost care placed on two things: personal service and obtaining a favorable outcome.

Bruce is admitted to practice law by the State of Texas, the Southern District of Texas, The Northern District of Texas, the Eastern District of Texas, and the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals. He is also a member of the Dallas Bar Association (where he serves on the Criminal Law section) and the Dallas County Criminal Defense Lawyers Association. He has served on the District 3G Grievance Committee and is active in the Litigation and Sports and Entertainment Sections of the Texas State Bar.

  • Tulane University ’84-’85
  • University of Florida ’85-’88
  • South Texas College of Law ’89-’92
  • State of Texas
  • Southern District of Texas
  • Northern District of Texas
  • Eastern District of Texas
  • 5th Circuit Court of Appeals
  • Dallas Bar Association — Criminal Law Section
  • Texas State Criminal Defense Lawyers Association
  • Dallas County Criminal Defense Lawyers Association
  • Texas State Bar — Litigation, Sports, and Entertainment Section
  • Criminal Defense
  • Criminal Appeals
  • Sealing Your Record
  • Entertainment Law
  • Personal Injury
  • Non-Subscriber Injury


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