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I had a nightmare with two attorneys that I had to fire before i got Bruce on my case. In previous experience with attorneys it seems most just want fast easy money without thinking about their clients best intrest. Bruce is a trial attorney not afraid to file a lawsuit and take it to court if the other side wants to low ball you. I recomend him to any one i know looking for a tough but caring attorney. Bruce fought for me and we received the max policy limits from the guy that hit me insurance company. Attorneys get busy but Bruce never failed to get back to me in a timely matter. Thank you again so much Bruce for your caring and great attention to my case enabling me to get the neck surgery I needed and some money to replace my car.

Scott M.

This law firm was there when all the other firms couldn't be bothered to help me. Mr Kaye's command of the law and quiet confidence will serve you well should you find your self at odds with the big insurance carriers.

Jeffery A.

Great lawyer, gave me great help, showed me to never give up.

For reasons of privacy, client elects to remain anonymous.

Great guy, handled my case exceptionally if your looking for someone to be on your side and not just looking for a paycheck give him a call!!

For reasons of privacy, client elects to remain anonymous.

Bruce, I can’t say more positive things about him! He made my experience so easy and effortless. He took such good care of me. I highly recommend him for any of your attorney needs.

Kelcey A.

HANDS DOWN BEST LAWYER IN TEXAS - I was appointed Bruce from the court and from the start he was very optimistic and professional even when looking at over whelming odds to represent me. He remained in constant contact with me and answered every question, never treating me or my situation like a burden. Through the whole time he kept my spirits up and actually achieved the impossible, giving me the best possible second chance. Thank you so much Bruce, I sincerely recommend for any and all of your representation needs.

For reasons of privacy, client elects to remain anonymous.

...Your service to us was very professional and personable. You went the extra mile to help us. You kept in contact with me and updated on all court proceedings and you were there in all court proceeding. Your kindness and consideration will never be forgotten. At a time when lots of people in the system are treated like a "number', you treated working with us with great respect and seriousness. Financially, we will never be able to repay you, but you will always be remember as an awesome lawyer in our book and we recommend you highly.


AMAZING ATTORNEY - My daughter was falsely accused of a theft crime at Walmart where she was employed. She had only been there a couple of weeks. A professional scam artist came thru her line and ended up stealing a large sum of money during her scheme. I went to an attorney I had known since I was 19 years old. He had his “associate” work on the case. For over a year, all we ever got was “make a plea.” I personally researched the case, found the woman who scammed my daughter, and discovered she (the scammer) had done the same thing previously and after the accusation against my 19 year old daughter. I made a notebook complete with her alias names, her other cases and charges all over the country for doing the same thing she did to my child. I tried to get “associate” to look at the notebook but he was mad because my daughter refused to plead guilty to something she had not done. Associate was sent on his way by a very smart judge, a new attorney was appointed to handle the matter and a new chance for someone to hear the truth of my daughter’s case. When it was turned over to this attorney, not one minute did I worry. That is all I had done since her arrest. Today I received a text message from attorney BRUCE KAYE. The case against my daughter had been dismissed. He took the information to the prosecutor and she saw what we all already knew. My daughter was innocent. BRUCE KAYE is one of the best lawyers I have ever dealt with. He listened, he investigated and he sought the TRUTH! My kid wasn’t a number to him, or just a case, she was an innocent 19 year old criminal justice student who planned on being a police officer and he did what had to be done to prove her innocence. Thank you Mr. Kaye.


TOOK A DIVE - I needed a criminal attorney to represent me in Corsicana. Being from Houston, the travel time alone would have cost me considerably more in fees. I did some research, found Bruce up in Dallas, and found that he would be willing to make the 1 hour drive south to represent me. After our first appearance, Bruce made me feel comfortable by arbitrarily socializing with the court clerks. I feel that this developed a relationship with the clerks in this small town that earned us both respect. After 4 or 5 trips, he negotiated the best deal possible, kept me out of jail, and was able to get a request granted to leave the country to marry my wife. I would recommend him to anyone seeking representation that earns respect.


Bruce is very friendly and focused on getting you the legal help you need.

Carlos R.

Great guy, got the job done. Case was dismissed.

Janya R.

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